On Being a Miami Heat Fan

Here are some examples of the stereotypical Heat fan. (JackienColeeLovr - photobucket)

Here are some examples of the stereotypical Heat fan. (JackienColeeLovr – photobucket)

I’ve started this list based on observations I’ve made living in Miami and observing the cult surrounding the Miami Heat, but I’d love for readers (both die-hard fans and casual observers) to finish it. By the way, I do all of these things.

Being a Miami Heat fan means:
♦ Thinking you are better than everyone else.
♦ Feeling better about the fact that the Marlins suck, because at least the Heat don’t.
♦ Having called Pat Riley a “boss,” “gangster,” “don,” or “pimp” multiple times in the last week.
♦ Wearing Heat memorabilia to non-basketball sporting events, or to your sister’s wedding.
♦ Trying to concoct a believable story that supports the claim that you “were a fan before LeBron and Bosh came.”
♦ Not worrying about the regular season because you realize all that matters are the playoffs.
♦ Not worrying about the playoffs because you know the Heat are going to win the championship at least two years in a row.
♦ Thinking that your out-of-town friends care as much about the famed winning streak as you do.
♦ Becoming irate when a fan of another team suggests that Wade is not playing his best game ever.
♦ Having a love-hate relationship with Erik Spoelstra’s cartoon face.


lc-e1358128566135Laura Creel (@Little_Utopia) is the managing editor of Little Utopia.

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4 responses to “On Being a Miami Heat Fan

  1. Knowing that Knicks, Bulls, Celtic fans and oh yes even Lakers fans would trade their team for ours any day of week and twice on Sundays.

  2. -I could be gagged and bound, hanging from a bridge, as long as the Heat are winning everything is fine.
    -Being superstitious to watching Heat games on SunSports to increase their 3pt%…KABOOM!
    -Knowing that Haslem a double-double machine on any other team, but he loves Miami too much.
    -Appreciating that LeBron is the best bargain in allof sports.
    -Thanking God Ray Allen was not apart of the Boston Marathon.
    -Watching “The Decision” just to rejoice.
    -Betting on Championships not even predicted yet.
    -Nothing better than a LeBatard R.A.N.T
    -Hoping this dream of a team never ends

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