Want to write for Little Utopia? Want to get in on this sweet, unpaid tiny arcadia action? Little Utopia welcomes submissions from anyone. In order to submit something please follow these guidelines.

Email Address:

Please submit your work to


We aren’t picky about this. If a piece is great people will want to read it at any length. However, we do reserve the right to edit pieces down that we accept.

Cover Letters:

These are totally unnecessary. However, if you feel compelled to do so who are we to say no?

Please Paste:

The entire document into the email. We won’t be opening any attachments. We fear them like the plague.


Please don’t send us things in strange fonts with colors. Although we like colors, we won’t read these type of things. If you really want to impress us we sure do love a good Cambria.

Your Name:

Should appear at the top of your submission. In fact, it should look like this:

Killer Pretzel Attacks Tokyo [article title]

Alex Smith [name] [email address]

Subject Line:

Should give us a pretty solid idea of what your article is about. Please don’t put things like YOU MUST ACCEPT THIS. We won’t. Out of spite.

Previously Published Work:

Cannot be accepted. This includes things that have appeared on blogs and tumblrs.


We can’t offer any form of monetary payment at this time.

Response Time:

We might get back to you within the day. It might take as long as 2-3 weeks. Please be patient with us.

What To Submit:

The best way to figure out what to submit is to read through our site. While our major categories are good guidelines to figure out what to submit, they do not necessarily need to be strictly observed. For example, a submission to the art category can be a critique of a type of art or an original piece of fiction. The key component we look for in a submission is the quality of the writing.