Little Utopia began as the joint project of Charlie Crespo and Laura Creel, who both enjoyed a variety of websites on art, sports and sundry, but couldn’t find one that encompassed all (or most) of our interests in one place. We joined our less-than-superhero forces to create what you are now reading: an online culture magazine critiquing and analyzing art, sports, pop culture, food and anything else interesting to you or our writers, a magazine that encompasses all of these interests in one place!

We drafted hundreds of names for the magazine, most of which had already been taken by other websites/literary journals. Don’t believe us? Black Cat Magazine? Taken. Poor Yorick? Yes, that one too. Or even Magazine Magazine. Or No Name Magazine, or Nameless Magazine, or Red Fox Magazine. Taken, taken. All taken like Liam Neeson’s daughter, and later, taken even like Neeson himself (in the movies, we mean). We can only hope there won’t be a third installment of that franchise, for whom else is left to take? Yes, we know what you’re thinking. Even Taken Magazine was already taken.

We settled on Little Utopia, a phrase from an article written in 1928 by Upton Sinclair. We (especially Laura) didn’t agree with the politics behind the name, but rather enjoyed the ring of it, and have thus re-appropriated it for our own use. Here we hope you will find courteous, thoughtful, and thought-provoking discourse that will help all of us to think deeper about the facets of life which shape and influence us. We hope to cultivate active and fluid discussion and serve as a venue for the spread of ideas. And we hope that in the process of critical thinking, we will all find our own little utopias.

Our site will be updated with new content Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and we encourage you to write to us with suggestions and comments.

Disclaimer: The articles appearing on this website reflect the opinions and attitudes of their respective authors and not necessarily those of Little Utopia or the editorial team.
All the images we use are royalty free. However, if there is a problem with an image we will gladly remove it.