Pope Tweets, People Respond, Prove Once Again They are the Worst

Pope Francis

Pope Francis is cool with selfies. (Screen shot from https://youtu.be/a_lqFTYLc_4)

Today I learned Pope Francis was on Twitter. So I followed him from the Little Utopia handle.

I’m not one that believes him to be infallible or anything (or that he’s actually tweeting), but I am a believer in some of his stances. Plus, he hadn’t tweeted since June 13th, so I knew he wouldn’t clog up the timeline, and who doesn’t appreciate that?

Little did I know, however, that today was the day the Pope would be releasing an encyclical on the environment, and whoever tweets for him would be spending the day tweeting it out in parts. So, although he did end up clogging our timeline, I was still cool with it. He’s the Pope, and he was making some good points.

Yeah, do your thing, Pope Francis, I thought. Others though, they had some other thoughts.

Some were confused.

Some were kinda crazy.

And, to be honest, some were just straight up dicks about the whole thing.

So just in case you needed another reminder that people were the absolute worst — and let’s be honest, why would you? — there you go.


CharlieCharlie Crespo (@Little_Utopia) is the editor-in-chief of Little Utopia.

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