Staten Island Woman Discovers Key to Longevity: Booze Hard

Our approximation of what Nancy Lamperti's pantry looks like. (plodey - photobucket)

Our approximation of what Nancy Lamperti’s pantry looks like. Hey-yo! (plodey – photobucket)

Just let this play while you read this article. It’ll make sense once you start reading.

A Staten Island woman turned 101 about a week ago, which, these days, isn’t really that remarkable. What is remarkable about Nancy Lamperti, however, is the diet and daily routine she has followed throughout her long life.

Her secret? Out-drink most college sophomores.

According to the Huffington Post, Lamperti wakes up at 5 a.m. to make the beds and have a cup of coffee. For lunch, she has a small sandwich and a banana, plus two glasses of wine.

Hey, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere right?

After her lunch, she usually takes an hour nap.

Just sleep it off, Nancy.

By 4 p.m., she’s caught her second wind. Around this time, Nancy opts for a glass of Southern Comfort. Two hours later, she drinks a can of Budweiser.

Of course she does. Nancy’s a pro and beer before liquor is a rookie mistake.

All kidding aside, Nancy’s routine does have some scientific data backing it up. In a study conducted by Virginia Tech, it was discovered that people who abstain from alcohol are 19 percent more likely to die than those who drank regularly.

So next time you’re enjoying an adult beverage, raise a glass to Nancy Lamperti.

Here’s to you, Nancy.


CharlieCharlie Crespo (@Little_Utopia) is the editor-in-chief of Little Utopia.

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