This Spaghetti, Ranch, and Sugar Sandwich is the World’s Most Disgusting Sandwich

spaghetti sandwich

This is not the world’s most disgusting sandwich, although, to be fair, it doesn’t look great either. (Screen shot from

Hey so the NBA draft happened last week! Did you watch? Maybe you don’t care.

Either way, you didn’t miss much. Some dudes walked up on a stage, put on a baseball hat and gave the same cliché-filled interviews. All the teams were happy with their picks, although some analysts said some picks were better than others. We won’t really know about whether any of them are actually good for a couple of years. The whole thing is silly.

But there was one revelation to come out of the draft that is NO LAUGHING MATTER. One player enjoys a sandwich so foul, so disgusting that I almost dare not speak its name for fear that it would suddenly appear next to me on a plate, and I’d be forced to eat it.

Although you might be thinking that I’m referring to the sandwich described by Miami Heat draft pick Justise Winslow, you’d be thinking wrong. If you’re not sure what the hell I’m talking about at all or why I would be concerned with what sandwiches NBA draft picks do or don’t like, well, fair point. But anyway, Winslow revealed on The Dan Le Batard Show, that he really enjoys peanut butter and jelly with jalapenos.

And while that sounds pretty weird, part of me thinks it might actually be good. You get the spicy and sweet thing going on; there’s a little bit of a crunch to add something interesting to the usual dull, mushy texture of the sandwich.

But I digress.

The actual without-a-doubt worst sandwich to ever be made will forever be traced back to Boston Celtics’ draft pick Terry Rozier.

Oh no. Please excuse me for a seco….

*Dry heaves*

OK, let’s just all agree to not ever sequentially mention those ingredients ever again.


CharlieCharlie Crespo (@Little_Utopia) is the editor-in-chief of Little Utopia.

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One response to “This Spaghetti, Ranch, and Sugar Sandwich is the World’s Most Disgusting Sandwich

  1. Don’t knock it til you tried it, this may go on sale at Publix Deli soon enough. Just wait for it to catch on.

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