Viral Video of the Week: Sweet and Cool Hare Escapes Death by Avalanche

It’s been a pretty terrible week around the world in the way of current events: the Pope tried to take care of the Earth and people just told him to stfu, whatever the hell it is that’s going on with Greece, and the unspeakable horrors of what happened in a church in Charleston, South Carolina. I feel the brokenness of the world and the brokenness of the human heart, and I long for something deeper and more meaningful that can bring restoration and reconciliation.

This video is not that something, BUT, it did make me a little more cheery. In this video, a snowboarder sets off a “minor” avalanche (according to the YouTube video description. The avalanche seems pretty frightening to me, but I’m not a snowboarder and I don’t know anything about snow, so whatevs). When the clip is played in slow motion, you can see an Arctic hare bounding across the avalanche and avoiding certain death.

You have to look closely, because the hare is white and so is the snow. I guess (knowing the internet) that the video could be fake but God no, let this be real because this hare is awesome and in a weird way gives me hope that there are some good things in the world worth jumping for and fighting, just like this little animal struggles for life and manages to live.


Laura Creel (@Little_Utopia) is the managing editor of Little Utopia.LC

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