Hot Dog! Hot Dogs are in the News

hot dogs cooking

Would you pay $30 for one of these? (Screen shot from

This past weekend, you might have eaten a hot dog or thought about eating one for the first time all year. Maybe you’re waiting for July 4th to be that only hot dog of the year day. If you’re like what the hell are you talking about? I ate a hot dog cut up in macaroni and cheese tonight and it’s like my 20th this year, you are living your best life. Continue to do so.

No matter how many hot dogs per year you are or aren’t eating though, you probably haven’t paid $30 for one recently. If you think paying $30 for a hot dog is crazy, you’re right. If you think paying $30 for a hot dog is kind of reasonable, you were probably suckered by some dude in New York. Also, get your shit together, man.

As NBC 4 New York first reported, a hot dog vendor named Ahmed Mohammed, who had a stand near the World Trade Center, had some seriously fluctuating prices. For some people, a hot dog could be had for $3. If he thought you could be had though, he would charge as much as $30.

Friendly reminder: Don’t every pay more than $5 for a hot dog. It won’t be a good look for you.


Thankfully though, not everyone out there is using the hot dog for evil.

Across the country in Fresno, some evil genius had an idea to combine the iconic ball park food with pizza. What resulted from that wonderawful idea was the “Frankenslice,” something the Fresno Grizzlies actually sold to their paying customers.

While we aren’t exactly sure how this tasted (probably not good), we commend the Fresno Grizzlies for attempting to use the hot dog as a tool for good. And also for not charging $30 for definite gastrointestinal issues.

CharlieCharlie Crespo (@Little_Utopia) is the editor-in-chief of Little Utopia.

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One response to “Hot Dog! Hot Dogs are in the News

  1. Classic hot dog story. That Ahmed Mohammed guy is an L-7 WEEEENEY. Only in America do we allow this to happen…sigh*

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