Viral Video of the Week: Some High-Powered Exec Approved This Velveeta Commercial, Is An Idiot

This commercial features a woman in a grocery store, a cowboy (I guess?) playing the harmonica, and another cowboy who talks to the woman like she is a dog and yells “Go on. Git!” at her. Someone at Kraft Foods signed off on this commercial. A group of advertising agents brainstormed this idea, wrote it out, and found people to film, edit, and act in this commercial.

Who are these people? Why do any of them think it’s OK to showcase men treating women like literal dogs? Did anyone at the Kraft Foods marketing/advertising department say, “Yeahhh, maybe this isn’t such a great idea?” This is a very confusing Monday indeed; but then again, I’m just a woman so maybe my brains just aren’t big enough to figure this stuff out.


Laura Creel (@Little_Utopia) is the managing editor of Little Utopia.LC

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3 responses to “Viral Video of the Week: Some High-Powered Exec Approved This Velveeta Commercial, Is An Idiot

  1. Seriously, the guy isn’t trying to demean the woman, he’s just mimicking the way old cowboys & gold miners probably spoke to everybody ! The ppl that work on my office find the commercial funny, as do I. That man would’ve said the same thing to a man. You need to relax.

  2. This is one of the best commercials out there. No, he did not treat the woman like a dog, nor is this sexist in any way. He’s supposed to be an 1800’s prospector, overprotective of his stash of “liquid gold”, therefore he tells her to “git” in an old fashioned way. in another similar commercial the grocery store manager confronts them, and he tells the manager the same thing. This commercial cracks me up every time. I feel sorry for you, you had to go out of your way and post this because you were offended by this little commercial. learn to enjoy life and not take it so seriously. and give these Kraft execs a raise!

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