Polar Vortex 2015 Freezes America, Not Florida

Florida provides an easy target for haters. The GIF below, the one with Bugs Bunny sawing off Florida and releasing it into the Atlantic, frequently makes its way onto message boards and Gawker Media sites. Apparently, the dream of turning Florida loose from the rest of the nation has been a pipe dream since 1949.

Bugs Bunny saws off Florida

Saturday Night Live, too, makes cracks at what I think is an island paradise. In this choice excerpt, Seth Myers is actually being funny for once: “A Florida newspaper is inviting readers to volunteer as proofreaders for three hours a night, with the person catching the most typos winning a free dinner. But you’re going to need more than three hours to find all the typos in the Flurdah Son Tims.”

I’m not sure the reason for all the hate. Maybe we have just never lived down the embarrassment of the 2000 presidential election, although there is that Bugs Bunny cartoon, which belies this theory. Even dearest-in-my-heart 30 Rock has made gloriously funny quips at the expense of Florida (and I guess Australia) and those of us who live here.


But today I don’t care about all the hate, because I feel like this right now:

The Hills are alive unedited

While the rest of the country freezes and closes ski resorts because it’s too cold to do the sports you’re supposed to do in the cold, it’s sunny and 75 degrees in South Florida. Enjoy your polar vortex, haters.


Laura Creel (@Little_Utopia) is the managing editor of Little Utopia.LC

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