Seriously, James Franco and Seth Rogen’s Dumb Movie Might Lead to Armed Conflict

Seth Rogen and James Franco take on North Korea in The Interview

Really? It’s this movie that has anonymous groups threatening terrorist attacks? (Screen shot from

Back in June, I semi-jokingly wrote that The Interview, a then-upcoming movie from dick-joke enthusiasts James Franco and Seth Rogen, might start a war with North Korea. Although all reason and logic suggested that a movie starring Franco and Rogen couldn’t possibly lead to armed conflict, North Korea did admit they were pretty pissed about the whole thing and claimed in a statement that showing the movie would lead to a “resolute and merciless response.”

Still, though. Was North Korea really going to back up this threat (or could they even)? Was it just bluster? Well, now that the time has come to for The Interview to begin screening nationwide, it’s clear that somebody — possibly North Korea — seems willing to act on that threat.

That somebody is whomever is behind the Sony leaks. Even though no one is exactly sure who that is (maybe it’s a group known as Guardians of Peace, which may or may not be working for North Korea), the hackers have threatened terrorist attacks against theaters that choose to show The Interview.

As you would expect, theater chains are taking these threats seriously. Carmike Cinemas, a chain that operates 278 theaters, won’t be showing The Interview. Landmark Theatres has canceled the premier in New York and ArcLight Cinemas has decided to pull the movie as well. Likely, more theaters will be making similar decisions in the upcoming days. Even Franco and Rogen have decided it’s better to play it safe. They’ve canceled all planned promotional appearances for the movie.

To sum up then, a rogue hacking group that may or may not be associated with a hostile and batshit insane foreign government is threatening to commit terrorist attacks unless a movie from the dudes who brought you Pineapple Express is not shown in theaters.

These are strange times we live in, indeed.


CharlieCharlie Crespo (@Little_Utopia) is the editor-in-chief of Little Utopia.

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One response to “Seriously, James Franco and Seth Rogen’s Dumb Movie Might Lead to Armed Conflict

  1. Worst idea for a movie, ever! What were they (Franco and Rogen) even thinking when they signed up for this movie? Please someone tell me. Why even consider such a movie that would guarantee to anger a known crazy person with an army at his disposal. They had to have considered some blow-back when deciding to go with this plot, right? It feels like Franco and Rogen have just resorted to shock value just to cling to their fading starlight. I’m over these actors and this movie.

    Also, we need an article on the Sony Hacks.

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