Can We All Agree to Stop Calling 911 About Fast Food?

People are calling 911 about food

Stop calling 911 over food, people. (Screen shot from

No matter how hard I try, there will just be some things I never understand about humans. One of those things is why so many people call 911 over food.

Back in mid-May, a woman was arrested in South Carolina. That, of course, isn’t much of a story. Why she got arrested, however, is quite the story.

Andrea Ann McCullough ordered a Cinnabon from a Burger King and soon discovered that it wasn’t of the freshest quality. Although that wouldn’t surprise or offend most people, McCullough wasn’t too happy about it. After asking for another less stale pastry and being told that was the only one, the woman (allegedly) flew into a rage and screamed, “I’m going to shoot everyone,” before exiting the restaurant.

While it might have seemed like an empty threat, McCullough returned to the Burger King with her hand in her purse and (again, allegedly) stated that she was “going to shoot down this place.” Employees quickly informed McCullough that they were calling the police and she (along with two female companions) fled the scene. McCullough was later apprehended because the employees were able to record her license plate number. She was charged with second degree assault and could face up to three years in a state prison.

OK, you’re thinking, that story is ridiculous but it has to be an outlier right?

I wish that were true, friends. Apparently, food-related incidents cause people to call the police all the time.

In December of 2013, a Mesa, Arizona couple called 911 after not getting their order of hash browns from McDonald’s. Even though they called the police, the couple was charged with assault and disorderly conduct after throwing their hash brown-less order back at an employee. In 2011, a woman in Savannah called 911 after a Chinese restaurant gave her the wrong order. And, around the same time that McCullough was terrorizing a Burger King, a North Carolina woman dialed 911 (twice!) because Subway workers put marinara and not pizza sauce on her “flatizza.” Unfortunately, there are more stories of people calling 911 about food, but I’ll let you read those for yourself if you’d like.

Hopefully, we can all learn something from this. Even if you are really upset about something to do with your fast food, don’t call the police. You will more than likely be the one who gets arrested.

Just eat the stale Cinnabon. It’s only slightly worse than a normal Cinnabon would be.


CharlieCharlie Crespo (@Little_Utopia) is the editor-in-chief of Little Utopia.

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