Viral Video of the Week: Cat Saves Boy and is Awarded the Medal of Freedom (Most Likely)

By now you’ve probably seen the video below. It’s been everywhere. We don’t care. It’s awesome and you should watch it again (also any cat video is wonderful click bait that will bring us page views and push us just that tiny bit closer to a place where we can make money off of this site). If you haven’t seen the video however, then you are in for a treat. Lucky you!

Well … what are you waiting for? Click play and watch Tara the cat save a small boy from a bad dog. THAT IS A BAD DOG. BAD DOG. NO!

Because America, Tara has since been interviewed (that’s right) by a local ABC affiliate and is now booked to pose for Cat Fancy and throw out the first pitch — along with her human, Jeremy — at a Bakersfield Blaze game. And while that’s great for Tara and all, she probably just wants some catnip, maybe a nicer scratching post, and to be left alone.

We hope these things come to you, Tara. You deserve all of them and more.


CharlieCharlie Crespo (@Little_Utopia) is the editor-in-chief of Little Utopia.

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One response to “Viral Video of the Week: Cat Saves Boy and is Awarded the Medal of Freedom (Most Likely)

  1. That cat sure aint no pussy…..Never cross a black cat….Cat got your tongue….Dog musta been a bitch….Dog got cat nipped….Second time a pussy got that kid outta of a jam….ahhhh these jokes are a catastrophe….my apologies to all the dog lovers but cats rule and dogs drool on that video. Shamed to own a dachshund now lol

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