Viral Video of the Week: For the Love of Robots

You probably heard about this about a week ago, but, as your friendly neighborhood robot alarmist, I felt it my duty to inform those of you that haven’t.

Amazon will at some point in the near future be using drones to deliver their packages within 30 minutes or less. Needless to say, I hate this idea. As many have suggested already, what is to prevent someone with a BB gun from just shooting down a drone and taking your free stuff? Wait … why would we make Amazon aware of this? Now they will outfit these robots with defense mechanisms! (And can you imagine the shipping costs of a robot delivery drone upgraded with long-range weaponry?) Oh the humanity!

Robots will soon gain sentience, lead to the apocalypse, etc., etc.


CharlieCharlie Crespo (@Little_Utopia) is the editor-in-chief of Little Utopia.

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