Celebrity Hair-Cutting News: #WhyJenWhy

Jennifer Lawrence (Screen shot from http://youtu.be/DtYd-InPqNk)

Jennifer Lawrence (Screen shot from http://youtu.be/DtYd-InPqNk)

There’s been some pretty poorly planned out hair cutting this week. First, I cut my own hair because it’s long and curly. You can’t really tell that the angles are off, but I can tell that some of the many split ends are gone. My hairstylist, when she sees it, she’ll know. And then I’ll feel guilty for gathering my hair into a ponytail and stretching it to the sky and cutting off the ends in a very bad attempt at a straight line.

But I’m not all that, so it’s okay. Jennifer Lawrence, on the other hand, for some reason chose to re-appropriate the almost-culturally forgotten Kate Gosselin look of long, straight business bangs in the front and short, tussled party in the back. I love short hair on some women; I do not love it on JLaw. And I particularly don’t like it because she now so closely resembles everyone’s second-least favorite TV mom/momager, Kate Gosselin.

Gosselin is not liked now (if anyone even still thinks about her except in reference to bad haircuts) and she wasn’t ever really liked, even before she started letting Jon Gosselin go out in public in Ed Hardy clothes. In fact, Gosselin comes in second for the least favorite TV momager award only because of Kris Jenner, who is the queen of bad momagers and won’t let anyone seize her throne because she keeps it real. On second thought, though, Lawrence’s hair does kind of resemble Jenner’s too. It also resembles that of ANY.OTHER.MIDDLE.AGED.WOMAN.WITH.FOUR.KIDS.AND.A.MINIVAN.

Is this an attempt by Lawrence to create a closer bond between her elite self and all of us plebeians who look up to her? We may never know. But #pleasecomebacksoon, Jennifer Lawrence’s hair.


lc-e1358128566135Laura Creel (@Little_Utopia) is the managing editor of Little Utopia.

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