Upcoming Changes to Little Utopia

(abynem22 - photobucket)

(abynem22 – photobucket)

Beginning this week, there will be some changes coming to Little Utopia. Since we started back in March, we’ve been publishing new content each weekday. Unfortunately, we’ve realized we can’t keep up that pace anymore.

Instead of updating the site every weekday, we’ll continue to publish a viral video of the week each Monday (because we love doing these), and Laura and I will each write a weekly column. Our plan right now is to publish my column on Wednesdays and Laura’s on Fridays, although we might switch them around every now and then. We’ve decided to make these changes for a couple of reasons. First, our schedules have gotten busier. Laura recently started a full-time job and continues to work an additional part-time position, and I’m teaching my first ever college course, trying to finish my thesis and course work for my M.A., and beginning the job search. These commitments have made it very difficult to keep the site updated with new content each day. In addition to having more time to work on our various projects, we also hope to have more time to spend with our family, friends, pets and the beach, all of whom we have been seriously neglecting.

Our second reason for adopting this new format is that we simply want to provide with you stronger articles to read. Although we’ve never been disappointed with anything we’ve published, we have, at times, wished we had a few more days to work on a particular article or two, in order to make its argument clearer, more concise, or more persuasive (or all three). By each writing a column a week, we hope to provide you, the reader, with quality over quantity in terms of our future articles.

With all of this said, at some point we plan to return to publishing each weekday. Hopefully, as the site continues to grow and word continues to spread, we will start to see submissions from writers who would like to be published on Little Utopia. If you’ve been reading our site and have been considering submitting something to us, please do so at littleutopiamag@gmail.com. We look forward to reading and hopefully publishing your work soon.

Finally, thanks to all of our readers for their continued support. We really have fun doing this and hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy working on it.


CharlieCharlie Crespo (@Little_Utopia) is the editor-in-chief of Little Utopia.

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