Mine Eyes Have Beheld the Monkey-Humans of Ages Past!

Several months ago, I wrote an article informing you all about the danger monkeys pose and particularly about the danger monkeys pose when humans anthropomorphize them. I thought this was a recent phenomenon. I was wrong. I stand corrected.

While in Chicago, I went to the Art Institute and saw that CENTURIES AGO (ca. 1765), Germans (at least) were creating ceramic figures of monkeys dressed as humans playing musical instruments! They were collected by the Institute in a piece called “Monkey Band.” This has been a problem far longer than even I supposed. Be vigilant, friends.

"Monkey Band" (Laura Creel)

“Monkey Band” (Laura Creel)

"Monkey Band" Member (Laura Creel)

“Monkey Band” Member (Laura Creel)

The pictures are poor quality, but above are shots of the whole piece and then a closeup of one “band member.”


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