Nikki Sixx is Super Annoying and Takes Himself Waaaay 2 Srsly

Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe has called out Kim Kardashian for tweeting about bronzer in the wake of the Oklahoma tornado disaster. He tweeted her, saying: “Pick your priority or pick your poison […] Isn’t your 15 minutes up…”

Yeah, you read that right. Old, washed up and no longer relevant 80’s hair band bassist Nikki Sixx has complained that someone else’s 15 minutes of fame are up. Projection, Nikki?

The writers at Little Utopia have not always endorsed Kim Kardashian or her way of life, but I’m taking a stand for her in this case, and I have a question for Sixx: what would you have preferred Kim to do? Or, rather, what would you have preferred her social media intern running her Twitter account to do? Even if Kim had mentioned Oklahoma, it wouldn’t have done anything to change the devastation done to the state and its people.

And another question: Where are Sixx’s own priorities? Pointing fingers at others who aren’t showing the emotion as he ostensibly was — not in real life, not in person, but on Twitter — seems petty and small.

Really, all this reveals is that Sixx takes himself way too seriously, because all Twitter is is a forum for talking, for communication. And in cases like this, the horror of the devastation is something beyond language, something that language cannot express or heal. So Kim K and Nikki Sixx and anyone else can tweet all they want, but it’s really not going to make any impact at all. If you are really all that concerned, Nikki Sixx, get off your own Twitter account and get down to Oklahoma and roll up your sleeves and do some work that really begins to heal.

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