Viral Video of the Day: Bomani Jones Takes Us to Grad School

OK, this isn’t technically a viral video. It’s not going to become a meme or be shared by hundreds of people.

I’m sharing it with you, though, because it contains Bomani Jones, who is quickly rising in the ranks to become one of my favorite sports personalities. Jones can be seen with Dan Le Batard on “Dan Le Batard is Highly Questionable” and also appears on Le Batard’s radio show on Thursdays, as well as doing a host of other things. Whether he is writing, on television or on the radio, Jones has the ability to bring a unique and intelligent perspective to almost any discussion.

In this video, Jones is telling the “Around the Horn” panel about a time in grad school where he faced an interesting dilemma. I won’t do it any justice trying to sum it up, so I’ll let him take it away from here.


CharlieCharlie Crespo (@Little_Utopia) is the editor-in-chief of Little Utopia.

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