Viral Video of the Day: Kid Blacks Out on Slingshot Ride

[Editors note: As a new feature on the site, we will now be posting viral videos from time to time. A source known only as “The Video Guy” has started sending us videos, with only a single sentence as commentary, whenever he comes across one online. So, there might be a video everyday or there might be a few days where there isn’t one. We’re just not sure how frequently he will be sending them to us. We don’t know much about this character, but we do enjoy most of the videos he sends and will be sharing them with you from now on.]

I’ve never had as much fun on a ride as this guy.


The Video Guy is a cryptic figure that we don’t know anything about. We’ve never met him, haven’t seen a picture and don’t know anything about him, other than his email address, which we think he may have just created to send us videos.

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