MTV is Like Your Drunk Uncle

MTV's Video Music Awards come to Brooklyn. (MTV - Instagram)

MTV’s Video Music Awards come to Brooklyn. (MTV – Instagram)

MTV is invading Brooklyn… again. A few days ago, it was announced that the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards will be at the Barclays Center. I first found out through locals and then read about it about online on my own, discovering that the “Moonman” made several stops before it landed a couple miles away from my apartment.

My first reaction was, “Oh brother, more MTV nonsense butting in.” Then I thought, “Where do I buy tickets?” Because I remember Kanye trampling over Taylor and I would love to witness something similar to that hilarity. Plus, with Rebel Wilson as the host, I think that it is quite possible.

After seeing a couple basketball games at the Barclays Center (once when the Miami HEAT spanked the Brooklyn Nets and HEAT fans were louder than Nets fans), I am reluctant to return to the arena where the seats are so narrow that you literally are scared for your life and there are only elevators to access different floors — no stairs. That means, I will be stuck in elevators and narrow, steep seating with… MTV watchers.

Which brings me to my point: MTV sucks (these days), and the Barclays Center death-trap is alarming, but just like your drunk uncle, you have to say hello and listen to his rambles and tales of the good old days. And no matter how bad his breath is, you still have to give a kiss goodbye. So VMAs, I will probably be there, in honor of my hood.

This party is live on August 25th!


SamSamantha Sharifi (@Dansersousleau) is a staff writer for Little Utopia.

Samantha is a tennis player from Miami that now hustles in New York City. She loves the beach and the Miami Heat, but wants to make it to the top in the big bad city as a Creative Director for a big fashion house someday. Eating healthy, tanning and exercising are typical activities for Samantha, but every so often, skydiving and road-trips are in order.

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