Magic Hat No. 9: A Beginner’s Gateway to Craft Beer

Over the past few years, a craft-beer phenomenon has been brewing in the world of beer. The ever-so-popular classics, like Budweiser and Miller, will always remain on taps across the nation, but better tasting beers from smaller companies have started popping up next to them. A Forbes contributing writer, E.D. Kain, provides this chart in his article about the rise of craft beer.


As one can see, the craft brewing industry has increased dramatically over the last 20 years or so. All actual data aside, I think the drive for craft beers comes from the unique and delicious-sounding flavors. The fact that most light beers, like Bud Light, Miller Light, Michelob Ultra, so on and so forth, are all almost indistinguishable in their pale, yellow color, is a turnoff to me. Although a more experienced light lager drinker might be able to taste the difference between each of these — and enjoy them for that matter — I am incapable of doing so. The only thing I know is that they all taste like something I don’t want.

Craft beers have hundreds of flavor combinations and beer types to offer to a broader audience. My mom, for example, swore that she only drank beer in college, but has always hated it and has refused to drink it since that time — that is, until she got a taste of Magic Hat No. 9. This apricot/peach “not-quite-a-pale-ale” has the same refreshing qualities, but it also brings a sweetness to the table that makes it more enjoyable for non-beer drinkers. That’s what makes Magic Hat No. 9 my No. 1 recommendation for anyone unsure of what to get at the bar.

Magic Hat No. 9 is only one of the many craft beers that can be found at the rising beer houses and distributors across the country. This leads me to my next thought: I cannot decide if I have come into the world of people over 21 at a wonderful time or a horrible one that will only leave me spoiled, upset and craft-beer deprived in the future.

Follow me on my journey through the trials, tribulations and tastings of the craft-beer explosion.


MarissaMarissa Prieto (@Marissa_Prieto) is a staff writer for Little Utopia.

Marissa is an online journalist who graduated from the University of Florida in the spring of 2012 with a degree in journalism and an outer concentration in environmental studies. She currently works as a news clerk at the New York Times Editing Center in Gainesville, Fla. When asked what her favorite hobby is, the answer is always “traveling.” Some days, she wishes that she would pick up a cheaper one, like flying kites, gardening or making men sandwiches. She likes those things just fine, but everyone has his or her guilty pleasure. Hers is traveling.

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